Tacky Lingerie Find

Happened to be on Polk Street last Fri and Out of the Closet has finally arrived in SF. It's been awhile since I've been out treasure-hunting so I couldn't resist a thrift grand opening. I was rewarded--found a purple satin Frederick's bustier that laces up the front. I'm tearing the boob cups out so that I can wear it with a black satin bra instead. Will perfectly match my purple glitter kitty ears!
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an interesting acquisition

thursday night before closing at the shop, a woman that used to work for me(consequently, an INSANE woman who i haven't talked to since she didn't show up for work one day over 2 years ago) showed up with a duffle bag of antique dresses!
i purchased the following:
1920's burnout silk velvet dress in this unusual orangey yellow shade, with scarfy hem.
a black silk chiffon dress from the 20's, elaborately beaded and with these odd pleated tiers down the sides.
a 2pc brown silk velvet 20's dress with a most precious stained lace collar and a little rhinestone buckle on the belt.
a long embroidered organza dress from the teens, in seen-better-days condition...
an amazing 1910's ecru embroidered netting a drawn work lace dress in immaculate condition.
needless to say i was thrilled, but managed to keep my composure while buying them. hours of pawing and fondling followed.

by the way, is anyone interested in posting items for trade on this group?
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Hello all. I'm a confirmed thriftaholic. I especially love cocktail dresses and prom gowns - so much beautiful fabric to work with!

Last week, I found an ankle length sheath dress in a beige knit fabric with a black lace overlay, and spaghetti straps. I wore it to a friend's cocktail party, and it got lots of compliments.

After the party (which broke up early), I threw on a black pvc buckled waist-cincher, (Lip Service - you know the one...) pvc gloves, and a feather boa, and set out to the club. An almost perfectly versatile dress.

I decided that I'd like to be able to wear the dress onstage at my band's next performance. Problem was, I play cello, so I need to wear full skirts (or pants) onstage. So I got out my seam ripper, and split the seams on both sides up to mid-thigh. Voila! (or should I say 'Cello!)

Delurk and designer ID

Hello! Nice to find a group for DIY over-the-top shlop. Nothing like getting a $3 prom gown & shredding it to bits!!

Latest find: a strapless black party dress with black pinstripes and two layers of skirt, pulled out of an SF hospice shop for $2. I am curious about the designer--the label says Sarah Whitworth and has an evil little spider on it, made in England--has anyone ever heard of her? I haven't seen a design like this before and I'd love to know how old it is--I'm guessing it's at least a decade.

The dress looks very classic 80's deathrock, with a sweetheart bustier and has a really cool feature on the skirt--there are little straps with buttons on the sides of the waist, at the bottom of the first skirt layer there are little buttonholes so you can lift the first skirt up to gather it at the sides, kind of like an optional bustle effect. Neat! I don't even have to DO anything to it to make it cool...that's a rarity...
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recent findings

victorian petticoat {courtesy of velvetdahlia, who dug it out of the muck}
40's tablecloth with i swear to god its echinacea print
70's kitty kat appliques

local thrifts:
80's B+W stripe knee hi's
long kid gloves, seamed stockings, multiple pairs 50's ruffle panties, vintage india hankie

nothing was more than a dollar, most of it was a helluva lot less
c'est le renard

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How'd'ya do?

I just stumbled on you, Rag and Bones, and apologize if I've crushed anything precious.

It's wonderful to see and meet other minds/hands/scissors adn threads that aren't nervous about taking a loved object and putting it through a rebirth.
Due to hard times and a little imagination, I've grown up seeing my older brothers' shirts become jumpers for school; likewise unused quilt tops have become pillow cases, lunch bags and *ahem* under-roo's. ^-^ (The best pair I ever had.)

Em... do I talk about my latest sprog or shall I curtsy out? ^-^

Eitherway, it's a pleasure.
i am the ladybug

joey wear's my outfit...

last night i had a dream that i was going out to a spooky ooky club with joey. we were at his house getting ready, and we were going through joey's closets and piles and joey kept grabbing all the good stuff. joey put on a tattered blue with white flowers prairie dress and i got really angry cause i wanted to wear it. joey put on more dresses over it (of course). my anger was soon quelled when joey pointed out that i could wear one of the dresses he had given me... and i picked out some peachy foofy bridesmaidy thing and wore a pinafore over i

dumpster decay

this morning, as i was leaving my first raghouse, i found (poking out from under a massive pile of t-shirt cuttings in the dumpster) a beautiful victorian blouse in pristine condition.
yes, my heart skipped a beat. or two.
a little gift from the vintage gods i might say.
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