snow maiden b (kissingypsie) wrote in rags_and_bones,
snow maiden b

Kimono my house...

I've been smock-mad lately, finding as many variations as I can. Lately I've been working with a pattern from Martha Stewart-- imagine! That's viperous lady's cunning all right. She's got an eye for simplicity, indeed.

It's a baby's smock along the lines of a kimono. She gave some hint that it can be manipulated as the child grows, so by Jove, I did manipulate it as I have grown. I extended the basic shape based on my measurements and made a sloper. The original shape is a sort of cross, one side has the diagonal slash for the opening. (If I can be little mlle. smarty-pants, it's really more like a cheongsam than a kimono, but.. oh bother, no-one's wounded, right?)

I really wish I could get a photo of it. It's simply brilliant. It took a yard of 45' wide fabric and I used some left-over ivory charmeuse for the lining. (Ahh, it's like angel skin. I spent my sewing breaks just rubbing my dirty face on it. ^-^)

So I've got two more going. Both will be Valentine's gifts.

Oh, and the pillow-case to blouse turned out beautifully. It's lambkin soft with rose buttons dotting the bodice.
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