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i've joined tha acid wash army!

its kind of like the KISS army, only cooler and no dirtbag hessians.

i am simply awash in acid wash. first score: the amazing tiered jordache skirt squalor dug up for me while we were raggin. totally awesome, perfect fit & deconstructing in the washing machine even as i speak.

and today @ choc thrift: an 80s BONGO a.w. mini skirt that is tight, not too short & fits like a glove made just for my butt. SEVENTY FIVE FREAKIN' CENTS. also a .75 dark a.w. skirt that was too cute & cheap to pass up despite being too small- the center panels at the front & back are flat but the part of the sides that connect to it are gathered. if i don't alter it or sell it maybe tackula would want it?
a cheap pair of overdyed a.w. jeans (also too small) were deconstructed into a pair of boot covers (like a denim leg warmer), an indecently short mini to sell at the flea and a good sized chunk of leftover fabric for projects. a super duper great pair of jordache a.w. jeans (with all that weird 80s waist & pocket detailing) are already 1/2 way converted into a knee length skirt, as are the jean shorts i picked up ragging only to later realize that they too, are acid wash.

and the topper- to go with all these lovely items i scored a pair of ELECTRIC BLUE LEATHER 80s pumps, brass plum brand- it doesnt get any more 80s than brass plum, no sirree. who woulda thunk- i certainly didn't wear any of this crap back in the 80s!
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