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What I found @ Purple Heart w/ Squalor

1. Fuzzy sweater of pale pink mohair
2. Acid wash '80's mini dress w/ dolman ruched sleeves. Oooo la la.
3. Acid wash '80's maternity pants/jumper thingy squalor found. !Que Ragamuffin! (in case you are wondering-- I've already worn it in public.)
4. 1pr. patent pumps w/silver enameled nouveau buckles. Super-pointy & sensibly kitten heeled.
5. 1 pr. bright red patent pumps, super pointy w/ cutaway paisley-shaped sections at toes and heels. Toe cleavage, yay! Probably from the same (dead? dying?) fashionable woman who possessed the black pair above.

Squalor found two demonic ceramic squirrels to add to his collection, as well as a '30's bisque doll-- a little guy dress in a crepe paper suit and fedora-- for, like $4. Too good!
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