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My Recent Obsession...

As squalor and jankk can attest, I'm going through some '80's comfort thing, collecting old swatches, pointy pumps and acid washed denim. It's to their credit that they remain friends with me through this phase. With that said, here's what I found at a recent trip to the AIDs assistance thrift store:

A home made fluorecent lime green 80's peace button-- it now tops the our solstice/xmas tree.

tarnished 80's belly dancing earrings w/ bubble hearts hanging from the hoops instead of coins

Huge black enamel earrings shaped like apostrophes. Weirdly tribal.

Blue "grape" bead earrings.

Enameled hoops in many sizes and colors.

High School industrial arts project-- enamel pin of a kitten with a fucked up face.

A box full of South American wicker figures-- two angels, one glamorous Infant of Prague, Four women going to market-- each with a fish, water jug or basket, Three men playing various instruments and one baby Jesus. These were used to decorate our apartment for our solstice party. I promised myself if we could find a virgin in the room, we'd sacrifice one of the figures, but as we all drank a lot of wassail that night, there was a sacrifice, no virgin necessary. At squalor's suggestion we all went downt to the beach. jankk, Lisa and Moses with their umbrellas, looked like an Edward Gory drawing, squalor in his mongolian rabbit fur lined dress and fur cap, M in his edwardian best set the little baby figure on fire. He was the odd man out in the set, anyway. It looked really pretty burning, and was eventually subsumed by the surf. It was magical. I wish I filmed it, but that might have ruined it.
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