Deborah J. (veryty) wrote in rags_and_bones,
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Hi! / Introducing myself to the community

Greetings from the Western Galilee! Especially to you in Long Beach, CA where I last lived before going expat. I still have my little brother there, and I come visit every second summer.

I discovered the rags_and_bones when I (in my other LJ identity as galileah) was looking for other LJ folk with an Interest in Bedouins. That aside...

I've joined as veryty, my main LJ that includes my being a quiltmaker interested in all kinds of textiles and embellishments. I'm looking forward to reading back through old entries of this LJ community -- first glance, looks great! And enjoying accounts and images of what others are up to is 'way faster than plodding away on my many unfinished quilts!

Also I realize that my sole LJ icon-image (titled "SWR-MJF") is a little blah for this crowd -- so now I can start dreaming up a more likely design. That's going to be fun (and again, faster than hand-quilting...)

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