snow maiden b (kissingypsie) wrote in rags_and_bones,
snow maiden b

Stand back...

I'm preparing to blend two shirts together. The results shall be... 'ow-you-say... knitty-slinky fabulous.

I found in the free box-- the card board wasteland of each house here at school-- a wonderful lot. A fresh-looking mint halter, a tee-shirt with a computer print of an egg (shabby, but I can work with it. A Cockatrice or basilisk emerging from it soon.), and finally, a rayon tee-shirt with terribly tacky rhinestones along the square neck.

The texture's pure puke. Something about that nubby rayon knit makes my skin prickle. So, I'm taking a feather-light peasant blouse that I could never wear (Far too translucent) and attaching it to the rayon shirt. I have to make base sleeves out of white material; the tee-shirt was woefully without sleeves. D'oh!

Kismet! I've got two white pillowcases that can be wasted. The slinkier one was sacrificed.

Now I just need to make the sleeves, sew those on the tee and begin atttaching.

My real point of debate is the rhinestones. I'm not Bowie, and can't pretend to be. But I have these darling red rose buttons from an old collection. Almost 40's-style, really. But I have violet pearls, too.

*fret and tears at her hems* What shall I do?
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