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rags_and_bones' Journal
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Saturday, January 3rd, 2004
2:52 pm
best thrifting trip EVERRR.
hi, i'm new here. yesterday was a very good day for the used and unwanted.

here's what i got...Collapse )

Current Mood: satisfied
Monday, October 27th, 2003
5:04 am
There's a new religion in town...

Worship the gods that you know exist(ed).
Saturday, September 20th, 2003
1:55 pm
Check out the antique something-or-other my boyfriend gave me:

Apparently the man working at the antique store said it was used as a centerpiece from the 18th century. I think it makes a mighty fine Royal Chalice while playing dress-up =)
Monday, August 11th, 2003
2:06 pm
Die Cast Garden Call for Work...
This is just to let everyone know that Die Cast Garden is now looking for work for it's upcoming issue, Ground Founds. Click the link for more info. and our submission guidelines.
Monday, March 24th, 2003
1:53 pm
how difficult is it to replace the lining in a coat?
i have a couple that are just about shot but the outside is just getting good (mmmmm. ratty velvet raincoat!!!!). i like the lining to be nice though.
Friday, March 7th, 2003
9:57 pm
Wednesday, January 29th, 2003
8:27 pm
tardy or tarty?

Current Mood: pink
10:58 am
Kimono my house...
I've been smock-mad lately, finding as many variations as I can. Lately I've been working with a pattern from Martha Stewart-- imagine! That's viperous lady's cunning all right. She's got an eye for simplicity, indeed.

It's a baby's smock along the lines of a kimono. She gave some hint that it can be manipulated as the child grows, so by Jove, I did manipulate it as I have grown. I extended the basic shape based on my measurements and made a sloper. The original shape is a sort of cross, one side has the diagonal slash for the opening. (If I can be little mlle. smarty-pants, it's really more like a cheongsam than a kimono, but.. oh bother, no-one's wounded, right?)

I really wish I could get a photo of it. It's simply brilliant. It took a yard of 45' wide fabric and I used some left-over ivory charmeuse for the lining. (Ahh, it's like angel skin. I spent my sewing breaks just rubbing my dirty face on it. ^-^)

So I've got two more going. Both will be Valentine's gifts.

Oh, and the pillow-case to blouse turned out beautifully. It's lambkin soft with rose buttons dotting the bodice.
Friday, January 24th, 2003
12:54 am
i've joined tha acid wash army!
its kind of like the KISS army, only cooler and no dirtbag hessians.

i am simply awash in acid wash. first score: the amazing tiered jordache skirt squalor dug up for me while we were raggin. totally awesome, perfect fit & deconstructing in the washing machine even as i speak.

and today @ choc thrift: an 80s BONGO a.w. mini skirt that is tight, not too short & fits like a glove made just for my butt. SEVENTY FIVE FREAKIN' CENTS. also a .75 dark a.w. skirt that was too cute & cheap to pass up despite being too small- the center panels at the front & back are flat but the part of the sides that connect to it are gathered. if i don't alter it or sell it maybe tackula would want it?
a cheap pair of overdyed a.w. jeans (also too small) were deconstructed into a pair of boot covers (like a denim leg warmer), an indecently short mini to sell at the flea and a good sized chunk of leftover fabric for projects. a super duper great pair of jordache a.w. jeans (with all that weird 80s waist & pocket detailing) are already 1/2 way converted into a knee length skirt, as are the jean shorts i picked up ragging only to later realize that they too, are acid wash.

and the topper- to go with all these lovely items i scored a pair of ELECTRIC BLUE LEATHER 80s pumps, brass plum brand- it doesnt get any more 80s than brass plum, no sirree. who woulda thunk- i certainly didn't wear any of this crap back in the 80s!

Current Mood: ironic
Tuesday, December 31st, 2002
6:36 pm
What I found @ Purple Heart w/ Squalor
1. Fuzzy sweater of pale pink mohair
2. Acid wash '80's mini dress w/ dolman ruched sleeves. Oooo la la.
3. Acid wash '80's maternity pants/jumper thingy squalor found. !Que Ragamuffin! (in case you are wondering-- I've already worn it in public.)
4. 1pr. patent pumps w/silver enameled nouveau buckles. Super-pointy & sensibly kitten heeled.
5. 1 pr. bright red patent pumps, super pointy w/ cutaway paisley-shaped sections at toes and heels. Toe cleavage, yay! Probably from the same (dead? dying?) fashionable woman who possessed the black pair above.

Squalor found two demonic ceramic squirrels to add to his collection, as well as a '30's bisque doll-- a little guy dress in a crepe paper suit and fedora-- for, like $4. Too good!

Current Mood: mischievous
Friday, December 27th, 2002
4:03 pm
Greetings...I'm on the East coast, and have been a thrift store ghoul for ages. Primarily into the 80's side of things, but I do a bit of period/victorian now and then too. Today's finds were 1) a victorian satin and lace tailcoatish thing - sleeves puff to the elbow, then fit very close...haven't decided how to use it yet, might leave it as is and add badges 2) black slip to be chopped into a camisol for under the enormous fishnetted shirt of jewlery eating doom 3) book on how to make stained glass lampshades (as I will set about making spiderwebby ones) 4) wool feeling tuxedo vest, found in childrens, fits quite closely so must be about a womens 5 - no label, appears handmade/vintage.
This last bit I would very much like to make BLACK or at least grey or purple or something as it is currently a sort of burlappy yellow. But I'm fairly certain its wool..any ideas on how to dye it without killing it? Failing that I think I'll cover it with patches, but I thought I'd ask....
hullo all, Joey, your makeup kicks puppies.

Current Mood: gregarious
Monday, December 23rd, 2002
3:55 pm
My Recent Obsession...
As squalor and jankk can attest, I'm going through some '80's comfort thing, collecting old swatches, pointy pumps and acid washed denim. It's to their credit that they remain friends with me through this phase. With that said, here's what I found at a recent trip to the AIDs assistance thrift store:

A home made fluorecent lime green 80's peace button-- it now tops the our solstice/xmas tree.

tarnished 80's belly dancing earrings w/ bubble hearts hanging from the hoops instead of coins

Huge black enamel earrings shaped like apostrophes. Weirdly tribal.

Blue "grape" bead earrings.

Enameled hoops in many sizes and colors.

High School industrial arts project-- enamel pin of a kitten with a fucked up face.

A box full of South American wicker figures-- two angels, one glamorous Infant of Prague, Four women going to market-- each with a fish, water jug or basket, Three men playing various instruments and one baby Jesus. These were used to decorate our apartment for our solstice party. I promised myself if we could find a virgin in the room, we'd sacrifice one of the figures, but as we all drank a lot of wassail that night, there was a sacrifice, no virgin necessary. At squalor's suggestion we all went downt to the beach. jankk, Lisa and Moses with their umbrellas, looked like an Edward Gory drawing, squalor in his mongolian rabbit fur lined dress and fur cap, M in his edwardian best set the little baby figure on fire. He was the odd man out in the set, anyway. It looked really pretty burning, and was eventually subsumed by the surf. It was magical. I wish I filmed it, but that might have ruined it.

Current Mood: satisfied
Wednesday, December 11th, 2002
1:08 pm
i've been trying to clean my room. i'm no good at it cuz i get distracted very easily.

i found a box with these oldtime-y underwear i bought when i was living in alaska, and i felt compelled to take pics of me in them.

Friday, November 22nd, 2002
10:11 am
Hi! / Introducing myself to the community
Greetings from the Western Galilee! Especially to you in Long Beach, CA where I last lived before going expat. I still have my little brother there, and I come visit every second summer.

I discovered the rags_and_bones when I (in my other LJ identity as galileah) was looking for other LJ folk with an Interest in Bedouins. That aside...

I've joined as veryty, my main LJ that includes my being a quiltmaker interested in all kinds of textiles and embellishments. I'm looking forward to reading back through old entries of this LJ community -- first glance, looks great! And enjoying accounts and images of what others are up to is 'way faster than plodding away on my many unfinished quilts!

Also I realize that my sole LJ icon-image (titled "SWR-MJF") is a little blah for this crowd -- so now I can start dreaming up a more likely design. That's going to be fun (and again, faster than hand-quilting...)


Current Mood: hands-across-the-water/sky
Tuesday, November 12th, 2002
10:36 am
Vintage Mardi Gras Beads
I just got back from New Orleans, where I was scouring antique stores there for vintage Mardi Gras beads from the 40's-60's-- the Czech glass ones.

I don't know what it is about these garish things-- maybe that they look kinda tribal, kinda 50's kitsch? That I imagine them being THROWN onto the street from floats, and, as in a dream I imagine what it would be like trying to save as many as possible from being shattered & destroyed? Even now, to walk down the street and see the trees filled with the cheap plastic ones glittering in the sun is surreal & wonderful.

Got to start restringing the ones I've got-- the string they're on just won't hold up. I've had some break on me before & learned my lesson.

If anyone has seen any more of these around, let me know!

Current Mood: pleased
Sunday, November 10th, 2002
7:02 pm
The Sarah Whitworth Dress
OK, here's that Sarah Whitworth dress I posted about earlier:

The Sarah Whitworth Dress

I was wrong about the buttonholes at the bottom of the skirt--there aren't any, you just lift the skirt up into the strap between the first and second layers, and button the strap(which has the buttonhole) onto the bodice(which has the button). Best of all, the back of the bodice has corset lacing that actually cinches the waist 2-3 inches--surprisingly sturdy for its age.

Here's the label:
Thursday, October 24th, 2002
10:12 am
victorian cape
Not my auction-it ends today & I was tempted to bid, but I think I already have one of these somewhere:

victorian beaded cape with monkey fur
Thursday, October 17th, 2002
2:46 pm
I have a few damaged vintage items that I'm thinking of swapping. for starters:

1. 1920's silk nightgown or slip in pale yellow with side gores and amazing old lace-silk is starting to shatter. I'm not thin enough to wear this without ripping it to shreds the first time I go out, but it looks like it would fit up to a 36 bust comfortably.

2. 1930's rose colored silk velvet short jacket with old lace appliques. The material is pleated all over, and lined in off white windowpane cotton voile. It has puffed sleeves and old creme colored floral lace appliques, with 3 pearl buttons at the top. It's faded near the cuffs and along the shoulders, and one shoulder seam is coming apart.

3. edwardian duster coat. it's natural beige silk in color with black collar and cuffs. someone added black & brass buttons that are waaaaay too heavy for the coat. It's got a few areas where the silk is starting to go. nifty black and tan cording trim on the collar with little black buttons.

If anyone is interested, email me for photos. I haven't swapped here before, but you can look up my eBay feedback under seller Purplejetta if you like.

thanks & happy digging! :>
Sunday, October 13th, 2002
12:45 pm
Oh, wait...
Strange addition--

Does anyone here know a thing about knitting machines?

I covet one for Christmas in a murderous way.
12:35 pm
Stand back...
I'm preparing to blend two shirts together. The results shall be... 'ow-you-say... knitty-slinky fabulous.

I found in the free box-- the card board wasteland of each house here at school-- a wonderful lot. A fresh-looking mint halter, a tee-shirt with a computer print of an egg (shabby, but I can work with it. A Cockatrice or basilisk emerging from it soon.), and finally, a rayon tee-shirt with terribly tacky rhinestones along the square neck.

The texture's pure puke. Something about that nubby rayon knit makes my skin prickle. So, I'm taking a feather-light peasant blouse that I could never wear (Far too translucent) and attaching it to the rayon shirt. I have to make base sleeves out of white material; the tee-shirt was woefully without sleeves. D'oh!

Kismet! I've got two white pillowcases that can be wasted. The slinkier one was sacrificed.

Now I just need to make the sleeves, sew those on the tee and begin atttaching.

My real point of debate is the rhinestones. I'm not Bowie, and can't pretend to be. But I have these darling red rose buttons from an old collection. Almost 40's-style, really. But I have violet pearls, too.

*fret and tears at her hems* What shall I do?
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