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Greetings...I'm on the East coast, and have been a thrift store ghoul for ages. Primarily into the 80's side of things, but I do a bit of period/victorian now and then too. Today's finds were 1) a victorian satin and lace tailcoatish thing - sleeves puff to the elbow, then fit very close...haven't decided how to use it yet, might leave it as is and add badges 2) black slip to be chopped into a camisol for under the enormous fishnetted shirt of jewlery eating doom 3) book on how to make stained glass lampshades (as I will set about making spiderwebby ones) 4) wool feeling tuxedo vest, found in childrens, fits quite closely so must be about a womens 5 - no label, appears handmade/vintage.
This last bit I would very much like to make BLACK or at least grey or purple or something as it is currently a sort of burlappy yellow. But I'm fairly certain its wool..any ideas on how to dye it without killing it? Failing that I think I'll cover it with patches, but I thought I'd ask....
hullo all, Joey, your makeup kicks puppies.
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